A Horse Was Drowning In A Canal, See How 8 Rescue Workers Rescued It!


Everything was going the wrong way when the firefighters were called upon to help. A poor horse was drowning in a canal somewhere in England within the Black Country South community.
When they looked into the murky canal, they could see a dark brown shape. The unlucky was not in a position to get itself out.
Despite the danger the horse was facing, it appeared calm. That tells a lot about these majestic creatures’ intelligence. Some believe it already knew plans were underway to rescue it. Will you panic if you knew there was a capable team ready to rescue you?
Animal rescues are not and sometimes can be quite involving. When the size of the animal is so huge, it makes the whole process a delicate one. But thanks to the training that these first responders go through, they are normally successful in such rescues.
With their own strength and the several strong ropes, they were armed with, the team lead by Fire Commander Neil Griffiths succeeded in pulling the poor horse to safety. Moments later, the creature was on all fours munching grass. A snack will definitely do after such an ordeal!