A Baby Horse Was Drowning… What You’re About To See Next Is Unbelievable


Champ is a handsome silver stallion who is usually at the banks of the Salt River.

He leads his family to graze and frolic in the cool waters. It’s because of Champ that the Salt River has developed into a place for tourists to visit. They take photos of the beautiful horse family. But recently, it was revealed that Champ is also a caregiver for other families as well.

Another band of horses arrived at the other side of the river, and Champ thought it was important enough to say hello to the new group. He enlisted a few of his flock, and together they crossed the river to meet and greet. But unfortunately the river’s current was strong and caused an accident to occur.

Check out this video to see what happens: [rumble]https://rumble.com/embed/u8r5r.vds8o/[/rumble]
Champ to the rescue! If Champ wasn’t there, who knows what would have happened. Tourists were able to capture this spectacular feat, showing that Champ indeed is a hero! Share this wonderful story of these beautiful horses with all your friends and family!