4 Enormous Horses Stand In Front Of A Stuck Truck. Now Keep Your Eyes On Their Feet…


We obsess over the amount of “horsepower” a particular car has, but often forget the real deal regarding horsepower. Like the power of actual horses!

 The horse and buggy was the automobile of the past, but they still play an important role in modern society, as you are about to see here.
While a truck slipped off the road due to slick winter conditions, it became completely stuck, unable to get out. Meanwhile, weather conditions worsen, and waiting for a snow plow to arrive was not an option in this case. Horses to the rescue! The owner had four of his powerful beasts actually pull the truck out of the ice.Besides a bit of ice slippage, the horses were able to rescue the truck with relative ease. The horses lined up, employed some teamwork and saved the truck from becoming stranded, buried and out out of commission for days. No horses were injured, and they all returned to their stables for food and rest.

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