35th Anniversary of The Black Stallion


Jeanne Rosenberg, a famous LA screenwriter is an amazing prove that a college course can have a significant place in your life. When she was in film school, according on her favorite book The Black Stallion, she wrote a script analysis, and that part of her life actually made her enter the screenwriting world. When Rosenberg graduated, she got an information that Carroll Ballard, a famous director, was making this story into a movie, so without having any second thoughts, she wrote him a letter. Right away, she gave him her script analysis, and lucky for her he really liked it and wanted to meet her. But, he didn’t call her, so she tried to reach him again.

Rosenberg realized that nothing can be done unless she goes directly to Ballard, who was doing pre-production in Toronto, Canada. When she arrived on the crew location, she entered into a chaos. She found out that Carroll wasn’t committed to anything, everybody were just running around, not knowing what to do. He was late all of the time, even for a coffee meeting. After a while he gave me a call, asking me for a help on the script.

Rosenberg’s persistence paid off, but she came into a total chaos when she arrived in the pre-production stage of the process. She saw that Carroll was driving everybody crazy, because he wasn’t committed to the screenplay. The whole crew was in a big mess, not knowing where to dress up or which are their locations. They needed to know every detail and the only person who had the obligation to be there for them at every moment, simply wanted to keep everything open.She clearly remembers the date on which they started to shot The Black Stallion, 7.7.77. in Toronto. First of all, they started with the second part of the movie and while they were in Toronto, they were making preparations for the first part of the screenplay, moving overseas. Carroll didn’t want to let Rosenberg write the island part, but she did it. According to her he was an amazing storyteller, but didn’t have the habit to work with a crew, he was a single player who wanted to make a decisions on the fly.

Nowadays, Rosenberg works in an office with a view that any horse-lover can wish for. She looks straight to her American Quarter Horses and enjoys spending time with her two kids. This summer she visited the production where her carrier had started, because it was the 35th anniversary screening of “The Black Stallion”, held by Stephen Farber.

From Rosenberg’s point of view, “The Black Stallion” had some unique magic in it. She admitted that she enjoys every time when she watches it. She shared her favorite scenes with us and here is her list: the Island part, the amazing and scary shipwreck part and the scenes with the boy-the one on the beach when The Black saves him from the Cobra and the second one, when he climbs on the gorgeous horse for the first time. At the end she admits that even though the film is wonderful, the book is even more brilliant and every kid should have the novel “The Black Stallion”, from Walter Farley.