200 Horses That Faced Torture Are Now Happy At A Sanctuary After The Rescue


You may not be aware of this, but there are others who are yet to see it. It is about horses that are kept for their hormones. You probably think that horses are mostly kept for the usual reasons, but that is far from the truth. In the video below, we see horses that are rescued after being used for years as sources of hormones used to treat women with post menstrual symptoms.
Even though the hormonal drug is used to make the women’s lives easier, it comes at a greater price. It involves keeping horses pregnant to harvest the hormones from their urine. Since the hormones are only produced when the horse is pregnant, it means that the horse must always be kept pregnant. If a horse gets old or is unable to carry a pregnancy, then it is either slaughtered to be eaten for meat which is later fed to humans or dogs.
That is not all, the horse while it is pregnant is not allowed to rest, it is kept standing with tubes tied around its body to harvest the urine. It is simply one of the worst tortures horses have to undergo.