13 Year Old Horse Saved From A Muddy Hole


We should all appreciate and be thankful to all the men and women who are working in the emergency services, because they are so brave and irreplaceable. Thanks to them many lives are saved! But that’s not all, because apart from humans, they try their best to save wild creatures, pets and other animals. They even put their life at risk while trying to find the best way to help an animal.

Bad thing happened while Capcake, a 13 year old horse, was on a ride with her owner. Capcake felt into a muddy hole, filled up with water and she couldn’t get out, because she was tired from the ride. The rescue team had to held her head out of the water, because she was lying helplessly on the ground.You’ll be amazed how those two teams managed to lift up Capcake (1000 Ib). It took them two and a half hours to finish the whole operation with success. It’s unbelievable!

Photo source: Vimeo/South Metro Fire Rescue