12 Awesome Patriotic Horses Celebrating America


The horse so often symbolizes the heart of America, but with a little decorating help from their owners, these patriotic horses truly represent their country.

Horses and American pride – the two go hand-in-hand. Not only was America largely built on the back of the horse, but the horse made monumental contributions to America’s military forces.

From the American Mustang to the cavalry horse, these wonderful animals are at the very center of our country. It’s no wonder that patriotic horses can evoke so much emotion and pride.

These twelve photos depict some truly patriotic horses. The red, white, and blue are present in their coats, in their tack, and even in their leg wraps. Whether they’re heading out for a parade or will be participating in a presentation before a rodeo, you can’t deny the beauty or the freedom provoked by these patriotic horses. Take a look.

Patriotic Parade

chumlee10 via Flickr.com

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