10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Kiger Mustang


There are few animals more stunning than a golden Kiger Mustang. Known for their incredible golden coats and thick manes and tails, the Kiger Mustangs are an American icon. They are the most sought-after wild horse at BLM adoptions. But where do these horses come from and what makes them so special? Find out with the following fascinating facts about the Kiger Mustang.

#1 – The word “Mustang” is slang

While most may think the word mustang is the Spanish word for “wild horse,” this is not true. It actually comes from the Spanish word “mesteno” which means “unclaimed sheep.” It later came to be used as a term for “unclaimed” or feral horses. English speakers turned it into the slang word “Mustang” when referring to feral (often called “wild”) horses in America.

Image source: KigerMustangs.org

Image source: KigerMustangs.org

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